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Cali del Caribe, my beautiful buckskin Trote y Galope mare, came to the Keys April 29, 2005.

The official organization for the breeds known as Trocha and Trote y Galope in the U.S. is the IPHF, the International Paso Horse Federation  You can find information, history and traditions at the website

The Trote y Galope is a member of the Caballos de Paso. Pasos are primarily bred in five countries: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba and the U.S.

The Trote y Galope is distinguished for its smooth as silk diagonal two-beat gait known as the Trote. Two feet in the air at a time: left front and right rear then right front and left rear. Due to the interval between steps, there is little jarring or bouncing found in the trot of most horses.

The Galope gait is a three-beat like a lope. It starts by impelling with the right rear, then left front, followed by both remaining feet together. It is a gait for a queen, as gentle as a carousel horse.


Perfecto, the Trocha stallion.


Emperador, a very lively Trote stallion


My instructor and Caballos de Paso expert, Diego Bravo Duque. From Colombia, SA, he taught animal science at the University before coming to the U.S. He is well known for his many publications, especially his books, Sciene and Art of the Paso Fino Horse and Caballos Colombianos, Ciencia y Arte. Today,  he is the School Master at the Ocala School of Equestrian Art, Paso Horses.